Mahmoud Hemida

Brief summary :

Mahmoud Hemida.. an Egyptian actor, born on December 7th, 1953, holder of a Bachelor of Commerce in 1981, who is known for being culturally aware and for his love for reading, especially reading the poems of Fouad Haddad. His career in acting commenced with working in television series, then he ventured into the world of cinema in which he played many film roles, he also took part in radio and theatrical works, and he won many awards during his artistic career.

Biography :

In 1970, he joined the Faculty of Engineering, but he wasn’t passionate about it as he was more into arts and acting, so he decided to change his academic path to join the Faculty of Commerce. simultaneously, he was keen to be a member of the acting team in the faculty to polish up his talent until he completed his university studies.


After graduating from university in 1981, he joined an international company in the sales department and at the same time, he practiced acting and dancing through amateur bands.

In 1986, Hemida was off to a good start in the field that he has always been passionate about, as TV Director Ahmed Khader assigned him a starring role in a television series. Indeed, Hemida’s performance harvested the interest of filmmakers and enthusiasts in the film industry in Egypt.

Then he set out to work as a film actor in various roles in several films.


In 1996, he founded Al Batrik for Art Production and Cinema Services, which produced many films, whether they were produced by the company, or as part of the work of an executive producer of other artistic entities.


The film Gannet Al-Shayateen, produced by the Company, is considered one of the most prominent films produced in Egypt. Critics regarded it as one of the hundred most influential films since the start of the film industry in Egypt to this day, and the film won many awards in the various festivals in which it participated.


Mahmoud Hamida, as a producer and through his Company Al Batrik for Art Production, presented a film called Gamal Abdel Nasser directed by Anwar Kawadri in 1998, as well as Gannet Al-Shayateen directed by Osama Fawzi in 1999, and he co-authored it


In addition to the documentary film Nazik Al-Malaika, directed by Khairiya Al Mansour in 2000.


Malek W Kitaba was produced and directed by Kamila Abu Zekry in 2005. Geld Haii by Fawzi Saleh was filmed in 2010 and it won many awards in more than one international festival. It is also the first Egyptian documentary film sold on CD to the public.


The film Ward Masmoum, directed by Fawzi Saleh in 2018, won many local and international awards. It has also been shown in more than one international festival that contributes to the Youth Project with the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation and the Ministry of Planning, in addition to contributing to the Youth Project with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation and the Ministry of Planning in order to nurture artistic talents and produce Alwan Roqae Boqae play in 2002.


Furthermore, Hemida produced concerts by the international violinist “Abdo Dagher” at the Opera House, the Arab Music Institute, as well as Egyptian universities. Being a lover of arts, he produced a number of poetry evenings for the great poet “Fouad Haddad” by forming a band that presented these evenings at the Opera House, the International Book Fair and the Library of Alexandria.

In 1996, Hamida founded the Actor’s Studio with the help of the most prominent specialists to make this studio a center for training and developing young talents, due to his belief in the need to mix talent and scientific methods. This belief has led to this great product for this industry with these artistic calibers qualified to keep pace with the rapid and wide development of this industry in Europe and different U.S. countries across the world.

In 1997, he founded and published El Fann El Sabae magazine, which is the first Arab cinema magazine specialized in the cinema industry in the Middle East, including all works of art, whether produced locally or internationally.


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