The film Ward Masmoum, starring Mahmoud Hemida, was nominated to represent Egypt in the 92nd edition of the Oscar Awards

Mahmoud Hemida awarded with the class of 2001 at Zaki Tulaimat Festival

Best Film Award from the Cairo International Film Festival for film

Hemida wins the star award from the annual Film Festival for film

Photos... The Egyptian delegation at the Kazan Festival in Russia celebrates Mahmoud Hemida's win of the best actor award

Best Actor Award from the Egyptian Film Society, ``the Egyptian Oscars,`` for Eskendereya New York film in 2005

Best Film Award from Alexandria International Film Festival, for Gannet Al-Shayateen in 1999

In honor of the birth of ``Marshal Boraie,`` where MahmoudHemida collaborated with great directors and Ahmed Zak; making it the kickoff of his film debut

Best Actor Award from the 12th National Festival of Egyptian Cinema, for the film Malek W Kitaba in 2006

Best Actor Award in 2005 for the film Baheb El Cima from the 11th edition of National Festival of Egyptian Cinema

Acting Award: The National Festival of Egyptian Cinema, Afareet El-Asphalt, 1996.

Best Actor Award for the film Al-Ragol Al-Thaleth

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