Mahmoud Hemeeda is done filming “Ritsa”

Mahmoud Hemeeda attends the funeral of Late Actor Samir Ghanem

I hope we won’t suffice with crying “Mahmoud Hemeeda posts a poem by Great Poet Fouad Hadad in solidarity with Paelstine

Having finished filming “Ahl Al Kahf/ The Cave People/ discover when it is to be launched in cinemas

Mahmoud Hemida Honours the Author Sayed Imam

This is how Mahmoud Hemida responded to the question: “Are you a lady’s man?”

Mahmoud Hemida calls back memories of childhood and the secret of the first word he uttered

His brother thought he was about to die ... Mahmoud Hemida tells for the first time the scenes of “Lailat Al Mout, The Death Night``

Mahmoud Hemida receives a private message from Aisha bin Ahmed

25 years old .. A rare picture of Mahmoud Hemida and Nadia Al-Jundi from the scenes of the movie “Assassination (Ightial)``

Honoring Mahmoud Hemida in the tenth episode of the Luxor Film Festival

My god father and dearest friend .. Ahmed Al-Fishawi praises Mahmoud Hemida in the scenes of ``Ritsa``

Mahmoud Hemida as honorary president of the tenth session of the Luxor Festival. Sudan is the guest of honor

Mahmoud Hemida, Honorary President of the African Luxor Film Festival: We refused to hold the tenth episode remotely

Mahmoud Hemida adorns the Nubian traditional costumes in Luxor African Film Festival

Mahmoud Hemida reveals the fact that he regrets roles in his acting career

Mahmoud Hemida: ``I do not allow my name to be preceded by any nickname except in movie theatres.``

Regarding cinema and technology. Mahmoud Hemida begins the first symposium of the Luxor Festival

Mahmoud Hemida and the acting stars at the opening of the Luxor African Film Festival

A minute of mourning .. Mahmoud Hemida offers condolences to the families of the Sohag trains victims

Mahmoud Hemida greats the stars of the opening ceremony of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema

Mahmoud Hemida joins the stars in their preparations for the opening ceremony of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema

Mahmoud Hemida and Nadia El Gendy together at the Luxor Festival of African Cinema

``May God have mercy on the Emperor.`` Mahmoud Hemida commemorates the birth of his friend Ahmed Zaki

27-year-old picture .. Mahmoud Hemida recalls his memories with Ibrahim Nasr

Mahmoud Hemida sends a thank you letter to his fans on his birthday

Mahmoud Hemida shares pictures with his fans from the first day of filming his new movie ``Ritsa``

Mahmoud Hemida celebrates the filming set off of ``Ritsa``

Mahmoud Hemida doesn’t prefer to be referred to as a star. Whereas this is how he would like to be called

Mahmoud Hemida with his handsome grandson. Do they look alike?

In the presence of Mahmoud Hemida. The Supreme Committee of the ``Luxor African Film Festival” meeting

``I love the desert and its good people`` ... Mahmoud Hemida explains the secret of his love for Siwa

Mahmoud Hemida I am the first one in Egypt to state his profession on an ID as ``actor``

Mahmoud Hemida begins filming ``Ritsa`` next week

The daughter of artist Mahmoud Hemida, who followed in her father's footsteps in acting: Do they look alike?

Mahmoud Hemida raises the slogan ``Recreation`` first in his latest appearance

After it was a secret Mahmoud Hemida reveals the reason for officially announcing his second marriage

Death strikes Actor Mahmoud Hemida’s family taking his brother

Actor Mahmoud Hemida receives honors in “Aflimha” Festival

Mahmoud Hemida reflects on his memories with the late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz with this photo

strongly angry despite his honor today in Morocco………. know the reason

Mahmoud Hemida agitated despite being honored today in Morocco... Find out why

In black and white.. How was Mahmoud Hemida in his childhood?

I was raised in a wrong way, and my father did not consent my second marriage.

Screening date for the movie ``Al-Aref`` by Mahmoud Hemida

Mahmoud Hemida supports Al-Ahly club after the defeat by Bayern Munich

Mahmoud Hemida attempts to kill Dorra. The scenes of the movie “ Al Kahen`` and its screening date

Mahmoud Hemida on winter lovers: Their reasons may be hard to understand

Mahmoud Hemida, honorary president of the Luxor Festival for the third year

Mahmoud Hemida and other stars at the funeral of Badr Tayseer

Mahmoud Hemida, Ashraf Zaki, Wafaa Amer and other stars offer their condolences at Badr Tayseer's funeral

Mahmoud Hemida: I had to sacrifice my teeth in “Gannet Al- Shayateen” because of the makeup

For the third year in a row MahmoudHemida is an honorary president for Luxor African Film Festival

Chaotic Beauty exhibition By Ahmed Farid

Mahmoud Hemida: Chaotic Beauty exhibition by artist Ahmed Farid

Mahmoud Hemida open the first club of African Cinema in Upper Egypt

Mahmoud Hemida starts filming the first scenes of the film El Aref today

Mahmoud Hemida starts filming the first scenes of the film El Aref today

Mahmoud Hamida honored at the Rabat Festival for Author's Cinema

Watch.. Mahmoud Hemida returns from Khartoum Festival in Sudanese robe

Mahmoud Hemida appointed honorary president of Luxor African Film Festival, and Tunisia as the guest of honor

Acting stars at Rabat International Festival of Author Cinema in Morocco

Mahmoud Hamida: The Messy Beauty exhibition by Ahmed Farid takes us to the level of imagination

The heroine of ``You Will Die at Twenty'' by Al-Watan: trained by Mahmoud Hamida

Minister of Culture and Mahmoud Hemida inaugurate the first African cinema club in Upper Egypt

Nabila Abeid, Lebleba and Mahmoud Hemida at the ceremony honoring 'Youssef Chahine' in Paris

Aluom .. a poisoned response in the creativity cinema in the presence of Mahmoud Hemida

Mahmoud Hemida, honorary president of the 9th edition of Luxor African Film Festival

Mahmoud Hemida posts a photo with Al-Fishawy: You’re now in a better place and we'll eventually follow you

Mahmoud Hemida and Musaad Fouda on duty at Luxor African Film Festival

Governor meets up with the management of Luxor African Film Festival

Mahmoud Hemida's daughter: Fake stories criticize my father on Facebook

Photos.. Hemida, Safia El Emari and Elham Shahin in Syria to attend Damascus International Fair

Gannet Al-Shayateen by the late Osama Fawzy screened at the African Cinema Club

Mahmoud Hemida officially stars in Tassfiat Hessab

Mahmoud Hemida joins Karim Abdel Aziz in Al Baad La Yazhaboon Lelmaazoun

in a ceremony honoring “Youssef Chahine” in Paris

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