Men Dahr Ragel


"Rahim Adham" (Aser Yassin) is a young boxer living in an inner-city neighborhood with his elderly father (Mahmoud Hemida), the imam and loves "Mai" (Yasmin Raeis) and intends to marry her, and immediately after "Hanash" (Walid Fawaz) knows about this relationship through "Taha" (Sherif Ramzy) who competes with "Rahim" for "Mai's" love. Then "Rahim" and his father's life turns upside down, especially with the disclosure of secrets from the past.

Release Date: 2016
Directed by: Karim El Sobky and Karim El Mehy (Executive Director(
Written by: Mohamed Amin Rady
Cast: Asser Yassin - Yasmin Raeis - Sherif Ramzy - Mahmoud Hemida - Sabry Fawaz - Alaa Morsi

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Project Duration : 3 Years play
Directed By : Karim El Sobky

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