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In a frame of comedy and thriller, the poor young man "Hamada Al-Far" (Mohamed Farag), who works as an office boy at Al-Ahram Foundation, falls into a fierce conflict with the Minister of Interior (Mahmoud Hemida) with all the power he possesses, as he "Hamada" tries to find the body of his poor mother "Altaf", who dies inside the home of the Minister of Interior and has a close relationship with him, where each of them believes that he is the one entitled to carry out her funeral.

Release Date: 2015
Directed by: Tamer Mohsen - Hossam Ali (Senior Assistant(
Written by: Wahid Hamid (scenario and dialogue) and Abdel Rahman Fahmy (Writer(

Cast: Mohamed Farag - Mahmoud Hemida - Susan Najmuddin - Sawsan Badr - Lotfy Labib - Samy Maghawry

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Directed By : Tamer Mohsen
Project Duration : 4 Years

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