The Monk

Story: The film revolves around a frame of horror suspense, about a journalist named Fairouz, who suffers from her husband’s psychological disorders. And the couple’s lives are turned upside down, after a mysterious murder occurs

Scriptwriter: Mohamed Nayer

Director: Othman Abu Labn

Production year: 2021


Story: The events of the film revolve around the city of Alexandria, around three different characters, each with their own path. They are united by a love that causes them to go through many troubles, and pushes them to make decisions that disrupt their lives.

Scriptwriter: Moataz Feteha

Director: Ahmed Yousri

Production year: 2021

Al Aref

Storyline: The film revolves around the idea of technological warfare and electronic hacking. It tells the story of Younes, who lives a quant social and family life with his wife and infant daughter. Until he is called to work for the Egyptian intelligence, due to his ability to access electronic information, after the country was exposed to the highest international penetration operation. He enters into a struggle with dangerous gangs.

Scriptwriter: Mohamed Sayed Bashir – Mohamed Gamal Badr

Director: Ahmed Alaa Al Deeb

Production year: 2021

The Washing Machine

Storyline: The film is based on a fantasy comedy about a sophisticated washing machine that can be used for time travel. Which causes a lot of problems and conflicts among the people who use it on their travels.

Scriptwriter: Adel Salib

Director: Essam Abdel Hamid

Production Year: 2020

Dokkan Shehata
Storyline :

The film is a social drama, where events revolve around the loss of morals of the Egyptian family, and the consequences of this loss, through the story of “Shehata” (Amr Saad), who is constantly marginalized and bullied by his brothers, despite his strong love for them. The film depicts how the burning jealousy between them lead to a tragedy.

Release Date: 2009
Directed by: Khaled Youssef – Mohamed Hamdeen Sabahi (Assistant Director)
Written by: Nasser Abdul Rahman
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Amr Saad – Tariq Abdel Aziz – Amr Abdel Gelil – Haifa Wehbe – Ghada Abdel Razek

Ward Masmoum

A young girl who works as a restroom attendant has only one brother called “Saqr”. She is fully dependent on him and he represents all her dreams, but the fact that he abandons her and plans to migrate to Italy illegally leaves her confused, alone, and lost without hope to achieve her aspirations.

“Taheya”, a young girl who works as a restroom attendant has only one brother called Saqr. She is fully dependent on him and he represents all her dreams, but the fact that he abandons her and plans to migrate to Italy illegally leaves her confused, powerless, and lost without hope to realize her goals.

Release Date: 2018
Directed by: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh
Written by: Ahmad Fawzi Saleh
(scenario and screenplay) of Ahmed Zaghloul Al Shatti (based on his novel)
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Marihan Magdy (Koki) – Mohamed Berakaa – Safaa El Toukhy – Ibrahim El Nagary

Men Dahr Ragel
Storyline :

“Rahim Adham” (Aser Yassin) is a young boxer living in an inner-city neighborhood with his elderly father (Mahmoud Hemida), the imam and loves “Mai” (Yasmin Raeis) and intends to marry her, and immediately after “Hanash” (Walid Fawaz) knows about this relationship through “Taha” (Sherif Ramzy) who competes with “Rahim” for “Mai’s” love. Then “Rahim” and his father’s life turns upside down, especially with the disclosure of secrets from the past.

Release Date: 2016
Directed by: Karim El Sobky and Karim El Mehy (Executive Director)
Written by: Mohamed Amin Rady
Cast: Asser Yassin – Yasmin Raeis – Sherif Ramzy – Mahmoud Hemida – Sabry Fawaz – Alaa Morsi

Ot We Far
Storyline :

In a frame of comedy and thriller, the poor young man “Hamada Al-Far” (Mohamed Farag), who works as an office boy at Al-Ahram Foundation, falls into a fierce conflict with the Minister of Interior (Mahmoud Hemida) with all the power he possesses, as he “Hamada” tries to find the body of his poor mother “Altaf”, who dies inside the home of the Minister of Interior and has a close relationship with him, where each of them believes that he is the one entitled to carry out her funeral.

Release Date: 2015
Directed by: Tamer Mohsen – Hossam Ali (Senior Assistant)
Written by: Wahid Hamid (scenario and dialogue) and Abdel Rahman Fahmy (Writer)

Cast: Mohamed Farag – Mahmoud Hemida – Susan Najmuddin – Sawsan Badr – Lotfy Labib – Samy Maghawry

Storyline :

“Regatta” (Amr Saad) conducts illegal activities with a businessman named “Sari” (Mahmoud Hemida), and on one occasion “Regatta” gets in a mission worth a quarter of a million pounds. This mission enables him to travel with his mother to (Italy) with a forged passport, but “Regatta’s” joy slips away when he finds out about the infidelity of “Nasra” (Rania Youssef), his brother’s wife “Awad”, by chance. Then everything turns upside down, especially after “Awad’s” death by mistake after falling off the balcony of the house.

Release Date: 2015
Mohammed Sami – Omar Jabr (Senior Assistant Director)
Written by: Mohamed Sami and Moataz Fatiha
Cast: Amr Saad – Elham Shahin – Mahmoud Hemida – Rania Youssef – Fathy Abdel Wahab – Ahmed Malik

Harb Karmouz
Storyline :

During the 1940s, a girl is raped by a group of English soldiers, and three Egyptian youth avenge her, one of whom dies, and the living English soldier gets held in the police station of Karmouz which is headed by General “Youssef Al-Masry”, and General “Adams” demands English that the soldier gets handed over to him, but “Youssef” refuses, and the General orders his soldiers to besiege the police station.

Release Date: 2018
Directed by: Peter Mimi – Abdel Rahman Abu Ghazaleh (Senior Assistant Director)
Written by: Mohamed El Sobky (story) – Peter Mimi (scenario)
Cast: Amir Karara – Mahmoud Hemida – Ghada Abdel Razek – Mustafa Khater – Bayoumi Fouad – Fouad Sharaf Al Din

Youm Min El Ayam
Storyline :

Events unfold in a romantic frame and a number of love stories are presented through a number of passengers traveling on a tourist coach between the cities of Cairo and Mansoura.

Release Date: 2017
Directed by: Mohamed Mustafa – Ahmed Issa (Senior Assistant Director)

Written by: Walid Youssef
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Heba Magdy – Moshira Ismail – Lotfy Labib – Ramez Amir – Mohamed Hosny

Storyline :

“Sherif Kabil” (Tamer Hosny), a plastic surgeon, gets to know a young woman called (Bassant) through his sister “Nagwa” and begins to like her, but when he has the opportunity to meet her single mother “Rana” (Ghada Adel) and spends some time with her in the same place, his admiration for the mother increases. Then, he constantly tries to make her fall in love with him while he is with her in Hurghada at the invitation of the daughter.

Release Date: 2015
Mohamed Sami – Omar Jabr (Senior Assistant Director)
Written by: Mohamed Sami – Walid Youssef (scenario)
Cast: Tamer Hosny – Ghada Adel – Entsar – Mahmoud Hemida – Amal Rizk – Ahmed Malik

Shams El Zanaty
Storyline :

During World War II, a remote oasis in the desert is attacked by a group of gunmen led by “Marshal Boraie” who steal its goods. “Osman”, the tribe’s sheikh, travels to Cairo to buy the necessary weapons, and gets the help of a person called “Shams El Zanaty”, who loves “Henna”, who comes from the same oasis. He gets a group of his friends, and recruits them to join him in this mission.

Release Date: 1991
Directed by: Samir Seif – Mohamed Yassin (Assistant Director)
Written by: Magdy Hedaya (scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Adel Imam – Mahmoud Hemida – Sawsan Badr – Mahmoud El Gendy – Mustafa Metwally – Abdullah Mahmoud

Sayedat Al Qahira
Storyline :

An Egyptian countryside girl leaves for Cairo to search for her brother who previously headed there, and when she arrives, she meets a rich man and marries him and joins the art field due to her marvelous voice. She is an outstanding singer and becomes a shining star, however she grows unsatisfied with her marital life, and drifts into a number of relationships.

Release Date: 1990
Directed by: Moamen Al Sameehy – Muhammad Mustafa (Assistant Director)
Written by: Moamen Al Sameehy – Bashir Al Deek (scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Yousra – Gamil Ratib – Nabil Al-Halfawi – Abdel Aziz Makhyoun – Mahmoud Hemida – Laila Fahmy

Al Ferqa 12
Storyline :

In order to catch “Abu Al-Wafa” family, an established member in drug trafficking, which plans to conduct a major heroin deal despite the mother’s hesitation, Lt. Col. “Fouad” decides to form “Al Ferqa 12” of a group of highly fit young men, including “Ashraf”, winner of a major taekwondo medal, and “Mohamed” holder of a gold medal in boxing.

Release Date: 1991
Directed by: Abdel Latif Zaky – Mahmoud El Kholy (Senior Assistant Director)
Written by: Mustafa Muharram (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Fifi Abdo – Mahmoud Hemida – Hassan Hosny – Wedad Hamdy – Hamza El Sheimy – Fouad Barham

Al Masateel
Storyline :

The film features a group of reckless young men and women who meet up to use drugs, each of whom has a story, but they collaborate in one context, which is the murder of one of their friends, and one of the most prominent members of the gang is “Nadia”, who admires “Samir”, but he refuses to marry her because she is poor. Then comes impotent “Ahmed”, who believes that drugs can cure his impotence, then there is the unethical court clerk “Talat”, and unemployed “Abbas”, who marries the wealthy owner of the cafe.

Release Date: 1991
Directed by: Hussein Kamal – Mohamed Kamal (Senior Assistant)
Written by: Wahid Hamid (story, screenplay and dialogue)
Cast : Laila Elwi – Mahmoud Hemida – Hassan Hosny- Nagah El-Mogui – Ahmed Maher – Aziza Rashid

Ehzaro Hazeh Al-Maraa
Storyline :

“Dr. Nadera” debates with her colleagues who falsely claim they have discovered a new vaccine. After she informs a senior official about the incident, she returns to her home to find a dead man and becomes accused of murder.

Release Date: 1991
Director: Sayed Tantawi – Ajami Al-Sayed (Assistant Director)
Writer: Wasfi Darwish (scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Naglaa Fathi – Aida Riyad – Hassan Kamel – Khalil Morsi – Mahmoud Hemida – Mariam Fakhr Eddine

Emraa Ayla lelsokot
Storyline :

Prostitute “Ahlam” decides to repent after her marriage and giving birth, but after she finds out that her husband is an addict, she returns to theft again after a friend persuades her to steal jewelry, but things go sideways after the apartment’s owner and her child are killed during the robbery, to become accused in a murder she is not guilty of.

Release Date: 1992
Directed by: Medhat El Sebaei – Mahmoud El Kholy (Assistant Director)
Written by: Medhat El Sebaei (screenplay, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Yousra – Mahmoud Hemida – Salah Kabil – Farid Shawqi – Abdel Aziz Makhyoun – Ragaa Hussein

Amn Dawla
Storyline :

“Samiha” conducts a critical mission in (Switzerland) at the instigation of the General Intelligence Service (GIS), while working for the Mossad, as she is a double agent for (Egypt and Israel). The mission is about impersonating the gang leader’s wife; due to the similarities between them.

Events unfold in an interesting framework in the world of GIS, espionage, and international terrorism (Egypt, Switzerland and Afghanistan).

Release Date: 1999
Directed by: Nader Galal – Mahmoud Abdel Shafy (Assistant Director)
Written by: Mustafa Muharram (story, screenplay and dialogue)
Cast: Nadia El Gendy – Mahmoud Hemida – Mohamed Mukhtar – Yasser Galal – Ali Hassanein – Khalil Morsi

Serri Lel Ghaya
Storyline :

The film depicts what happened in Egypt during the turbulent years following the 25 January Revolution, to 30 June 2013 Revolution, and the ordeals Egypt encounters during this period.

The film is under preparation.
Directed by: Mohamed Sami
Written by: Wahid Hamid
Cast: Ahmed El Sakka – Mohamed Ramadan, Ahmed Shaker – Abdel Latif – Ahmed Rizk – Nabil Al Helfawi – Mahmoud Hemida – Mohamed Riad

Kart Ahmar
Storyline :

Three women: a doctor, lawyer, and farmer from Upper Egypt, each with a story, are wrongfully convicted and all are sentenced to prison. But they decide to escape until the farmer gives birth to her son outside prison.

Production Date:1994
Directed by: Osama El Kerdawy – Mohamed Yassin (Assistant Director)
Written by: Salwa Bakr – Farouk Abdel Khalek (cinematic vision )
Cast: Mervat Amin – Mahmoud Hemida – Magda Nour El-Din -Mahmoud El Gendy -Sawsan Badr – Emad Rashad

Storyline :

“Salah” and “Taher” are editors at one of the magazines, “Salah” is accused of murdering his wife “Laila”, and he gets arrested. Investigation Officer “Essam”, handles the case, discovering that his niece, “Safaa”, is involved in a relationship with “Salah”.

“Safaa” and “Taher’s” combine their efforts to search for a woman who was with “Salah” on the night of the crime to prove his innocence.

Release Date: 1993
Directed by: Abdulhalim El-Nahhas, Naguib Iskandar (Assistant Director)
Written by: Zoheir Sabry and Atef Al-Nimer (scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Samah Anwar – Ahmed Abdel Aziz – Mahmoud Hemida – Hussein El Sherbiny – Ahmad Abu Abiya – Raafat Raji

Storyline :

The artist Mahmoud Hamidah, with the character “Youssef Jo”, and the work deals with the story of a businessman who runs illegal works through a network Prostitution and discovered by officer Hossam, who works in the Department of Literature, and the events take place in the context of suspense and excitement.

Directed By : Tariq Al-Aryan
Keid El-Awalem
Storyline :

“Hosny”, a cabaret’s owner, is used to marrying the dancer who works for him in order to take her money and then deserts her to marry another dancer and so on, but when three dancers of his victims meet and cooperate together, they decide to set a plan to avenge him for everything he did to them, especially since he has other illegal business.

Release Date: 1991
Directed by: Ahmed Saqr – Ali Al-Assal (Assistant Director)
Written by: Mona El Sawy
Cast: Lucy – Gala Fahmi – Mahmoud Hamida – Aida Riyad, Nahla Salama – Aisha Al Kilani

Storyline :

Instead of celebrating earing her PhD in pharmacy, Nada is staggered that she is accused of murdering her professor before he reveals a dangerous secret to her. Then, the police chases her to arrest her after escaping from the prison van, which crashed and turned upside down during transporting her, and at that time she tries to prove her innocence. Who knows, will she succeed

Release date: 1996
Directed by: Nader Galal
Writer: Basiouny Othman
Cast: Nadia El Gendy – Mahmoud Hemida – Mohamed Mukhtar – Ezzat Abu Ouf – Youssef Fawzy – Wafaa Diab

Bawabat Iblees
Storyline :

“Hebatallah”, a banker, discovers an abnormal activity aimed at promoting fake dollar bills, and whose businessman husband is involved, so she informs the police about the matter. Then a fabricated accusation is made against her and she gets imprisoned and her husband takes her child away from her, and the “Hebatallah” cooperates with a woman she meets in prison to help her take revenge.

Release Date: 1993
Directed by: Adel Al-Aasar – Osama Farid (Assistant Director)
Written by: Mohamed El-Basousy (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Madiha Kamel – Mahmoud Hemida – Hisham Abdel Hamid – Aida Abdel Aziz – Mimi Gamal – Safaa El-Sabaa

Aser El Qwa
Storyline :

The films features a conflict between the families of “Al-Fayoumi” and “Al-Morsi”, after the death of one of the sons of “Al-Morsi” by one of the sons of “Adham Al-Fayoumi”, and “Adham” succeeds in releasing his son from punishment by forging the testimony of one of the witnesses and killing two other witnesses, while Lawyer “Amina”, the daughter of “Adham Al-Fayoumi”, objectes to her father’s twisted method in order to keep his son away from taking responsibility for his crime, and “Al-Morsi” family retaliates from “Al-Fayoumi” by targeting and killing the son of “Al-Fayoumi”, and kidnapping “Amina’s” children.

Release Date: 1991
Directed by: Nader Galal – Mahmoud Abdel Shafi (Assistant Director)
Written by: Bashir El Deek (story, screenplay and dialogue)
Cast: Nadia El Gendy – Abdullah Ghaith -Mahmoud Hemida – Youssef Fawzy – Hassan Hussein – Waheed Ezzat

Fursan Akher Zaman
Storyline :

“Wagdy Hassanein”, “Adel Fahmy” and “Tariq Mansour”, three friends celebrate their graduation from Alexandria University in a chalet in El Agamy, where they get drunk and one of them finds a girl. They try to rape her and the girl dies during their attempt, then they get rid of her by throwing her in the sea. Years pass by and they get married and achieve professional milestones, but the memory of this hideous crime still haunts them, and does not fade away.

Release Date: 1993
Medhat El Sebaie – Mahmoud El Kholy (Assistant Director)
Written by: Medhat El Sebaie (cinematic processing, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Farouk Al-Fishawy – Elham Shahin – Mahmoud Hemida – Mostafa Fahmy – Sabreen – Nagwa Fouad

Seraa El Zawgat
Storyline :

Life seems impossible between the successful wealthy businessman “Saeed” and his wife “Souad” and despite the birth of their only daughter “Donia”, they decide to separate, and “Saeed” marries “Hayam” to live in his palace in happiness. Until the financial conditions of “Souad” deteriorate to the point that she gets evicted from her apartment, so “Souad” and “Donia” go to stay in “Saeed’s” palace to protect his daughter, and at the same time, “Souad” continues to search for a new source of income.

Release Date: 1992
Directed by: Nemat Rushdi – Mohamed Kamal (Senior Assistant Director)
Written by: Nemat Rushdi (story, screenplay and dialogue)
Case: Mahmoud Hemida – Dalal Abdulaziz – Nahla Salama – Amal Ibrahim – Donia Abdel Aziz – Hagag Abdel Azim

Storyline :

“Fatima” is emotionally involved with Mansour, her brother’s friend, “Khamis”, But he abandons the neighborhood for many years, and when he returns to it, their love is reignited. “Al-Ajroudi”, the drug dealer who competes with “Hammam”, aspires to marry “Fatima”, but she refuses and completely resists his attempts, then the conflict between all parties arises.

Release Date: 1992
Directed by: Nader Galal – Mahmoud Abdel Shafy (Senior Assistant Director)
Written by: Magdy Hedaya (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Yousra -Mahmoud Hemida – Youssef Mansour – Mahmoud El Gendy – Nour El-Demerdash – Ashraf Abdel Baky

Samara Al-Amir
Storyline :

The beautiful young woman “Shalabya” works as a servant in the palace of a pasha, and is in love with “Ali” the driver of the pasha, and one of the servants informs the pasha about this relationship. He then dismisses both of them, so “Ali” and “Shalabya” are forced to work in “Al-Faramawi’s” nightclub, and “Ali” promises her with marriage.

“Shalabya” changes her name to “Samara Al-Amir”, and she becomes rich and famous. She develops many relations with the elite, including Journalist “Marwan Amin”, and the prominent politician “Mahdi Pasha”, but she gets into a relationship with “Omar Abdel-Qawi”, an honorable tax official, and retires from dancing. Then, “Ali” tries to mess up their life.

Release Date: 1992
Directed by: Ahmed Yehia – Al Hummusani (Assistant Director)
Written by: Mustafa Muharram (scenario and dialogue) – Naguib Mahfouz (Writer)
Cast: Nabila Ebeid – Mahmoud Hemida – Mohamed Wafik – Wahid Saif – Sana Shafea – Youssef Dawoud

Storyline :

Inside a psychiatric hospital, a number of characters meet: “Dr. Miram”, who owns a cabaret, “Helmy Al Nouishi”, the hospital attendant that sells dissociative drugs, in addition to “Dr. Adam,” “Dr. Saeed,” “Bahgat” who is a leftist, the fanatic cleric, and the dancer’s son.

Release Date: 1993
Directed by: Essam El Shamaa – Ali Ragab (Assistant Director)
Written by: Essam El Shamaa (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Fifi Abdo – Sami Al-Adl – Magda Nour Al-Din – Mahmoud Masoud – Mohamed Kamel

Allaeb Mae Al’ashrar
Storyline :

A car thief steals a bag from a car to soon discover that it contains heroin, so he goes to the owner of the car and bargains to return heroin in exchange for a sum of money until he quarrels with the owner of the bag and his gang members, so he kidnaps and detains his fiancée, and events escalate onwards.

Release date: 1993
Directed by: Tarek El Nahry
Written by: Sherif El Minyawi (story, screenplay and dialogue)
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Sabreen – El Shahat Mabrouk – Wahid Seif – Mona Al Said – Mustafa Metwally

Storyline :

“Yassin” is a wealthy businessman trying to bury his past, as he worked at the beginning of his life in drug trafficking. His son, “Kamal”, follows his footsteps despite “Yassin’s” attempt to prevent him from doing so. As for his other son, “Maged”, he graduates from medical school and travels to America. When he returns, “Maged” finds out that his father is now married to Dalal, whom he had a relationship with before traveling.

Release date: 1993
Directed by: Ahmed Al-Sabawy and Osama Farid
Written by: Mona El Sawy.
Cast: Kamal Al- Shennawy – Mahmoud Hemida – Fifi Abdo – Hatem Zulfikar – Nahla Salama – Ola Rami

Disco Disco
Storyline :

Inside one of the mixed secondary schools, “Syed Abu Al-Dahab” leads a group of students, who spend their nights at the disco, where addiction and customary marriage increase among them, then the headmaster of their school intervenes and tries to fix their issues.

Release Date: 1994
Directed by: Enas Al Degheidy
Written by: Abdel Hai Adib.
Cast: Naglaa Fathi – Mahmoud Hemida – Sherif Mounir – Salah Zulfikar – Mohamed Metwally – Ayman Abdel Rahman

Souq Al-Nisa’a
Storyline :

Journalist “Nadia” investigates the truth about the suicide of a girl in a suspicious apartment, especially that the sister of the girl who committed suicide rejects the fact that her sister was a prostitute, and at the same time, officer “Ahmed” works relentlessly to uncover the mystery of the incident that coincided with the disappearance of a large number of girls, and reveals the person responsible for the recruitment network for prostitution.

Release Date: 1994
Youssef Francis – Mohamed Yassin (Assistant Director)
Written by: Youssef Francis
Cast: Sherihan – Hussein Fahmy – Mahmoud Hemida – Sherif Khairallah – Azza Bahaa – Taheyya Kariokka

Harb Al Farawla
Storyline :

The film features a wealthy businessman who owns several factories and lives alone in a large palace that lacks vitality and happiness due to the death of his only son. Then, he gets to know the street vendor, and the businessman promptly asks him about the meaning of happiness. The street vendor then introduces him to his widowed fiancée, who sells roses at traffic lights, along with her son. The businessman offers them a draft agreement stipulating that they accompany “Thabet” to please him in exchange for a hundred thousand pounds and an apartment. In their attempt to search for happiness, they plan a bank robbery, and they travel to Hurghada, and the businessman decides to live there because he thought that he found happiness already, and the businessman marries the fiancée of the street vendor. The Vendor goes mad and shoots the businessman at the wedding.

Production Date: 1994
Director and Writer: Khairy Beshara
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Yousra – Sami Al-Adl – Sahar Ramy – Amina Rizk -Alaa Wali Al Din

Al Awbach

Storyline :

The film features six monsters who block the road against a married couple on their wedding night, before murdering the husband and raping the wife, who suffers a nervous breakdown as a result. The security services fails to identify the perpetrators, as journalist “Ahmed Azmi” finds out about the incident, he sympathizes with the wife he had known since she was a child.

Release Date: 1986
Directed by: Ahmed Fouad (Director) Ahmed Issa (Assistant Director.)
Written by: Mahmoud Al-Toukhi (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Mervat Amin – Yehia El-Fakharany – Mahmoud Hemida – Hala Fouad – Hisham Selim – Ahmed Badir – Nabil Al Helfawi

Al Gharana
Storyline :

In South Sinai, the Bedouin villagers avoid “Warda”, believing that she jinxes whoever she gets married to, as three of her husbands end up drowning. “Warda” resorts to the village psychic, who persuades her to marry him in order to catharize her, so she agrees, but ignorance and quackery control the village.

Release Date: 1993
Directed by: Mohamed Khan
Written by: Hosann Shah (story, scenario and dialogue) and Mustafa Muharram (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Nabila Ebeid – Mahmoud Hemida – Ahmed Tawfik – Nahla Salama – Hamdi Al-Wazir – Ali Hassanein

Enzar Beltaa
Storyline :

Love springs between “Amina” (Laila Elwi), a university student and lawyer “Ibrahim” (Mahmoud Hemida). For many social and economic reasons and circumstances that prevent them from getting married for the time being, they decide to do a customary marriage in the presence of friends as witnesses to the contract.

Release Date: 1993
Directed by: Atef Al-Tayeb
Written by: Khaled Al Banna

Cast: Laila Elwi – Mahmoud Hemida – Mamdouh Wafi -Ashraf Abdel Baky – Ahmed Adam – Sayed Azmy

Storyline :

Actor Mahmoud Hemida plays “Hossam”, an Investigation officer who meets two girls: one is a singer, the other, a lawyer. He falls in love with them and marries them, and events take place between the three relationships.

Release Date: 1998
Directed by: Enas Al Degheidy
Written by: Hala Sarhan
Scenario and Dialogue: Rafik El Sabban
Cast: Yousra – Elham Shahin – Mahmoud Hemida – Mahmoud Kabil – Mohamed Awad – Sayed Jabr

Al Mohager
Storyline :

In a desert on the borders of Egypt long time ago, “Ram” father’s love for him ends up provoking his brothers’ hatred. His brothers throw him in a well, but he gets rescued and sent to Egypt to learn agriculture. He thrives and his brothers come to him asking for help without identifying him. In the film, Mahmoud Hemida plays the role of “Minahar”.

Show: 1994
Directed by: Youssef Chahine
Written by (Scenario and Dialogue): Youssef Chahine – Rafik El Sabban
Cast: Yousra – Mahmoud Hemida – Khaled Al Nabawy – Ahmed Bedair – Safia El Emari – Michel Piccoli

Al-Ragol Al-Thaleth
Storyline :

Actor Mahmoud Hemida embodies the role of “Rustom”, who works in drug trafficking and tries to persuade the Major, to cooperate with him, to carry out one of the illegal deals, but the officer, in turn, decides to inform the officials in order to arrest him.

Release Date: 1995
Team: Ahmed Zaki – Laila Elwi – Mahmoud Hemida – Mohamed El Sawy
Directed by: Ali Badrakhan
Written by “Scenario and Dialogue”: Muhammad Abbas and Youssef Gohar

Qaleel Men Al Hob Katheer Men El Onf
Storyline :

Engineer “Talaat”, the son of the rich merchant “Morsi”, is constantly pressured by his father to marry the poor girl “Fatima”, after “Fatima” refuses to marry “Sayed Al-Atar” who loves her, but is poor and works for “Talaat”. Then “Talaat” gets fed up with his father’s control and divorces “Fatima”. “Talat” gets acquainted with engineer “Younis”, the son of a well-known politician who works as an undersecretary, then decides to marry his sister to gain influence, power, and money.

Release Date: 1995
Directed by: Raafat El Meehy – Ali Idris (Assistant Director)
Written by: Fathi Ghanem – Raafat El Meehy (scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Laila Elwi – Mahmoud Hemida -Younes Shalaby – Hisham Selim – Nagah El-Mogui – Ashraf Abdel Baky

Abu Zaid Zamano
Storyline :

The film features “Abu Zaid”, a young university student who is in love with his wealthy colleague whose uncle/ guardian disapprove of their marriage. Because she is so insistent, he vows that she does not inherit from him unless her husband dies, and thus the couple’s life becomes filled with suspicion and conflict.

Release Date: 1995
Directed by: Ahmed Al-Sabawy, and Kamal Nour (Assistant Director)
Written by: Mohamed Al Hamwi
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Elham Shahin – Mamdouh Wafi – Fattouh Ahmed – Raafat Raji – Henedya

Youm Har Giddan
Storyline :

Events revolve around Gharib who returns to Egypt after a long period of time abroad to spend a quick vacation with his family, but he gets involved to save a woman from theft, so he takes part in exciting events with the lady and her husband, and ends up changing the course of his life.

Release Date: 1995
Directed by: Mohamed Khan – Adel Shukri (Assistant Director)
Written by: Zainab Aziz (scenario and dialogue) – Mohamed Khan (vision)
Cast: Sherihan – Mahmoud Hemida – Mohamed Fouad – Alaa Wali El Din – Olive Grant – Samar El Sheikh

Imraa’ Hazat Arsh Masr

Storyline :

King Farouk finds himself compliant with the orders of the British to appoint Mustafa al-Nahhas as prime minister, and during his trip to Kassassin, he gets injured in a collision, and he gets to know “Dr. Youssef Rashad” and his wife “Noha”. He then falls in love with the woman, and employs her at the palace as his attendant. “Noha” tries to climb the social leader by using the king’s points of weakness, especially after the husband is assigned to form the Iron Guard, through which the careless officer “Mustafa Kamal” and officer “Anwar Sadat” appear.

Release Date: 1995
Directed by: Nader Galal – Mahmoud Abdel Shafy (Assistant Director)
Written by: Rashad Kamel (storyline) Bashir El Deek (Film Processing, Scenario, and Dialogue)

Nadia El Gendy – Farouk Al-Fishawy – Mahmoud Hemida – Ibrahim Yousry – Ezzat Abu Auf – Gihan Fadel, and other actors

Afareet El-Asphalt
Storyline :

“Abdullah” drives a microbus that belongs to his father, “Amm Ali”, on shifts and alternating with his son “Sayed”. His sister “Inshrah” remains single despite her age, thus, a complex network of forbidden relationships lingers around where they live.

Actor Mahmoud Hemida plays the role of “Sayed”, whereas the film takes a close look at the world of microbus drivers, through multiple relationships, starred by “Amm Ali” and his son who drives one of the minibuses. The film includes various events that take place in this world and depicts the life of these people who live together in one neighborhood.

Release Date: 1996
Directed by: Osama Fawzy
Written by: Mustafa Zekra (story, screenplay and dialogue)
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Salwa Khattab – Abdullah Mahmoud – Aida Abdulaziz – Gamil Ratib – Maged El Kedwany

Al Massir
Storyline :

In the twelfth century AD in Andalusia, and during the reign of Caliph “Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour”, Philosopher “Ibn Rushd” enters into conflicts with political authorities represented in the Caliph who was previously a friend of his and had hard feelings for him. The extremist religious authority manages to recruit “Ibn Al-Mansour”, the youngest, to be a part of their cult.
Actor Mahmoud Hemida embodies the character of Caliph “Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour”. Events take place in the twelfth century AD, in the city of Andalusia, where the son lives. The philosopher rushes to enter the political struggle religiously, as events unfold.

Release Date: 1997

Directed by: Youssef Chahine – Khaled Youssef (Assistant Director)

Written by: Youssef Chahine (story, scenario and dialogue)

Cast: Nour El-Sherif – Laila Elwi – Mahmoud Hemida – Safia El Emari – Mohamed Mounir – Khaled El Nabawy

El akhar
Storyline :

An Egyptian businessman and his wife, who holds U.S. citizenship, disapprove of the marriage of their son “Adam” to the girl “Hanan” whom he loves. Despite this, the two young lovers insist on getting married against his parents’ wishes, which provokes the mother who tries to keep her son away from his wife, even if it comes to allying with “Hanan’s” terrorist brother .

Release Date: 1999
Directed by: Youssef Chahine – Khaled Youssef (Assistant Director)
Written by: Khaled Youssef (Drama Processing) – Mohamed El-Feki (Assistant Director)
Cast: Nabila Ebeid – Hani Salama – Hanan Turk – Lebleba – Mahmoud Hemida

Gannet Al-Shayateen
Storyline :

“Tabl”, played by Actor Mahmoud Hemida, a person who decides to leave his rich family and luxurious life behind, to live a completely bohemian life with unimportant people, until he dies. Then, while his daughter seeks at that time to do him a decent funeral for the family, his friends steal the body to give him a proper farewell in their own unique way.

Release Date: 1999
Written by: Jorge Amado
Directed by: Osama Fawzy
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Lableba, Amr Waked – Serri Al Najjar – Caroline Khalil – Ahmed Kamal

Al Abwab Al Moghlaka
Storyline :

During the Gulf War period, “Fatima” works as a maid at the home of a wealthy man, while son “Mohamed” suffers from persecution from the school teacher “Mansour,” who gets involved in a love affair with his mother, “Fatima,” taking advantage of her difficult situation in order to give private lessons to “Mohamed” as a cover for this relationship. “Mohamed” gravitates towards the religious extremist movement led by Sheikh “Khaled.”

Release Date: 2001
Directed by: Atef Hatata – Nashaat Abdel Latif (Assistant Director)
Written by: Atef Hatata
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Sawsan Badr – Ahmed Azmy – Manal Afifi – Ahmed Fouad Selim – Maher Essam

Eskendereya New York
Storyline :

The film features the international director “Yehia Shoukry Murad”, who gets honored in New York at one of the major festivals, and there he discovers that he has a son from an old relationship that he had during his stay in the U.S. for study. Actor Mahmoud Hemida plays the role of Director “Yehia Shoukry” in the film

Release Date: 2004
Directed by: Youssef Chahine – Khaled Youssef (Executive Director)
Written by: Khaled Youssef (story, scenario, and dialogue) Youssef Chahine (story, scenario, and dialogue)
Cast: Yousra – Mahmoud Hemida -Lebleba – Hala Sedky – Magda El Khatib – Yousra El Lozy

Baheb El Cima
Storyline :

“Adly” is a Christian servant, too religious to the point of extremity even in his relationship with his wife “Nemaat” and his two children “Naim” and “Nema” whom he treats very harshly, especially his son who admires cinema which “Adly” considers a major sin and prevents him from visiting it. But “Naim”, the smart boy, takes advantage of his parents’ mistakes to get them to take him to the cinema.

Release Date: 2004
Directed by: Osama Fawzy (Director)
Written by: Hani Fawzi (story, screenplay and dialogue)
Cast: Laila Elwi – Mahmoud Hemida – Youssef Othman – Menna Shalaby – Edward – Aida Abdel Aziz

Malek W Kitaba
Storyline :

“Mahmoud” is an acting professor. He is friendless and knows nothing of life except teaching and home. A transformation occurs to his character when he discovers his wife’s infidelity with a man younger than her. Then he meets a young actress who enters his life and tries to make him live his life in a different way.

Release Date: 2006
Directed by: Kamla Abou Zekri – Manal Khaled (Assistant Director)
Written by: Ahmed Al Nasser and Samy Hossam.
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Hend Sabry – Khaled Abol Naga – Aida Riyad – Randa El Behery – Lotfy Labib

Assef Ala Al Izaag
Storyline :

“Hassan” (Ahmed Helmy) is an aeronautical engineer devoted to his job .He falls in love with “Farida” and turns to his father (Mahmoud Hemida) for advice, while his mother does not approve of this lifestyle. As events unfold, there comes an unexpected surprise.

Release Date: 2008
Directed by: Khaled Merhi – Islam Khairy (Assistant Director)
Written by: Ayman Bahgat Kamar
Cast: Ahmed Helmy – Mahmoud Hamida – Menna Shalaby – Dalal Abdulaziz – Mohamed Sharaf – Tarek El-Telmissany

Laylat El-Baby Doll
Storyline :

“Hossam”, an Egyptian tour guide who works in America, and returns again to Egypt with a tourist group on New Year’s Eve to visit the tourist attractions in Egypt, and the guide seizes the opportunity to spend a steamy night with his wife, hoping she gets pregnant, but his plans change when sudden things occur and disrupt this plan, especially because of a terrorist plot set by “Awadin Al-Assuiti”.

Release Date: 2008
Directed by: Adel Adeeb – Sherif Ismail (Assistant Director)
Written by: Abdelhay Adib (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Mahmoud Abdel Aziz – Nour El Sherif – Laila Elwi – Mahmoud Hemida – Jamal Suleiman – Sulaf Fawakherji

Youm Ma Etabelna
Storyline :

The film features middle-class “Youssef”, who lives in an inner-city neighborhood, but loves acting, then he became a famous actor, and when he returns to the neighborhood to visit his family, he meets his old lover and brings back sweet memories.

Release Date: 2009
Directed by: Ismail Mourad and Olfat Othman
Written by: Taghrid Al Asfoury – Zainab Aziz (scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Lebleba – Ola Ghanem – Ahmed Azmy – Ghada Ibrahim – Randa El Behery

Tilka Al-Ayam
Storyline :

A well-known political thinker and writer, married to a woman fascinated by power and money, encounters by chance former police officer “Salem Obaid”, played by Mahmoud Hemida. The writer uses him to write a new book, and the relationship between the officer and the writer’s wife develops, so he orders him to kill her and tells everyone she’s mentally ill.

Release Date: 2010
Directed by: Ahmed Ghanem – Haitham Hanafi (Executive Director)
Written by: Fathi Ghanem – Ola Ezz Al-Din Hammouda (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Ahmed Al-Fishawy – Laila Sami – Safia El Emari – Adel Amin – Tarek El-Telmissany

Storyline :

A girl from an inner-city neighborhood called “Nawara” (Menna Shalaby), falls in love with “Ali” (Amir Salah El Din) during and after the 25 January Revolution. The film tackles the impact of events that occurred in Egypt during this period on “Nawara”, her love story and on working as a maid at the villa of a former minister.

Release Date: 2015
Hala Khalil (Director) Mourad Mustafa (Assistant Director)
Written by: Hala Khalil
Cast: Menna Shalaby – Mahmoud Hemida – Amir Salah – Shereen Reda – Ahmed Ratib – Ragaa Hussein

Storyline :

“Mahmoud” who is in his late fifties, owns a stationery store in Abdo Pasha, one day while photocopying documents he finds a topic about dinosaurs to start his obsessive searching for the reasons for their extinction. This obsession with dinosaurs leads him to rediscover love, friendship, parenthood and the true meaning of life.

Release Date: 2017
Directed by: Tamer Ashry – Ahmed Anwar (Assistant Director, Accessory Script)
Written by: Haitham Dabour
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Shereen Reda – Bayoumi Fouad – Ali El-Tayeb – Hassan Mahfouz – Boutros Barco

Al Imbrator
Storyline :

The story features the journey of “Zeinhoum”, a young man who came to Cairo fleeing from (Upper Egypt) in search of income, ventures into the world of organized crime and drug smuggling. He and his friend, “Ibrahim” go hand in hand in this crime, and when he becomes one of the well-known drug smugglers (heroin), and becomes the head of its market in (Egypt) by allying with an Israeli smuggler, marries the dancer “Hayat” after getting rid of “Selim”, the drug dealer who worked for him at the start of his career. Then he eliminates everyone who stands in his way, turns to drug addiction, and kills his best friend “Ibrahim”, after he suspects that his dancer wife has cheated on him with “Ibrahim”.

Release Date: 1990
Directed by: Tariq Al-Aryan – Mukhtar Ahmed (Assistant Director)
Written by: Fayez Ghaly (Scenario and Dialogue)
Cast: Ahmed Zaki – Raghda – Mahmoud Hemida – Abu Bakr Ezzat – Hussein El Sherbiny – Abdullah Mahmoud

Raghba Motawahesha
Storyline :

“Nahed” leaves Cairo to run away from the scandal of her imprisoned husband, and moves to live in a remote area in a desert area with her teenage daughter “Wafaa”, and the widow’s sister in-law, “Samiha”, and they raise goats.

The young man, “Sayed Ghazal” enters their life and tells them that he was a cellmate of the husband, who told him prior to his death that there is a treasure containing dollar bills which he buried near the desert. He then stays with them after they agreed to start searching for the treasure.

“Sayed Ghazal” allures the three women and establishes a mutual relationship with “Nahed” and “Samiha”, while “Wafaa” does not let him do the same with her. “Sayed” starts digging for the treasure deep underground while tempting and attracting the three women.

Production Date: 1992
Directed by: Khairy Beshara – Magdy Ahmed Aly (Assistant Director)
Written by: Wahid Hamid
Cast: Nadia El Gendy – Mahmoud Hemida – Suhair Al-Morshidi – Hanan Turk – Hamida Mousa – Salah Al-Rawi

Fares Al-Madina
Storyline :

“Fares”, a man who made his fortune illegally and spends most of his life in his luxury car, loses his money which he has been saving for a long time, especially after the bankruptcy of his investment companies and the loss of funds he invested. Therefore, he must now pay back his huge debts.

Directed by: Mohamed Khan – Magdy Ahmed Aly (Assistant Director)
Written by: Fayez Ghali (story, screenplay, and dialogue) – Mohamed Khan (writer)
Cast: Mahmoud Hemida – Lucy – Souad Nasr – Aida Riyad – Abdel Aziz Makhyoun – Hassan Hosny


The artist Mahmoud Hamidah, with the character “Youssef Jo”, and the work deals with the story of a businessman who runs illegal works through a network Prostitution and discovered by officer Hossam, who works in the Department of Literature, and the events take place in the context of suspense and excitement.

Directed By : Tariq Al-Aryan

Ehky Ya Shahrazad
Storyline :

The film features a feminist presenter who is concerned with women’s issues and society’s view of them. All the while, she is married, but suffers from many marital problems with her husband.

Release Date: 2009
Directed by: Yousry Nasrallah – Wael Mandour (Assistant Director)
Written by: Wahid Hamid (story, scenario and dialogue)
Cast: Mona Zaki – Mahmoud Hemida – Sawsan Badr – Hassan Al Raddad – Hussein Al-Imam – Rehab Al-Gamal

Yom lel-Sittat
Storyline :

The news of the opening of a new swimming pool near one of the inner-city areas becomes everyone’s talk, especially it has set Sundays for ladies only, which leads to the gathering of many women from different social backgrounds. “Azza” who has dreamed of wearing a swimsuit for a long time, “Shamia” who finds someone to listen to her when talking about her private life, and “Laila” who tries to overcome her grief over her late son, while young men eavesdrop on the women while they are in the swimming pool.

Release Date: 2016
Directed by: Kamla Abou Zekri – Mai Mamdouh (Executive Director)
Written by: Hana Attia
Cast: Elham Shahin – Farouk Al-Fishawy – Mahmoud Hemida – Hala Sedky – Nelly Karim – Nahed El Sebaei

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